Press Kit


For several years, Jordan has been writing stories, drawing characters, and creating new worlds. Naturally, he discovered the art of animation and brought his characters to life. Currently, Jordan works as a freelance 2D animator, character designer, and writer.


I am the guide. The guide of the dead.

Elevator Pitch:

“Kharon” is a 2D traditional animated short film that follows a psychopompous.


An angel that escorts the souls of the newly deceased.

Artist Statement:

“Kharon” is dramatic/action oriented short that explores the role of a pyschopomp, literally meaning “guide of souls”. The film is meant to be visually and emotionally engaging as it explores life, death and the what may or may not come after.




Directed, Produced

Jordan Porter


Jared Le Doux

Sound Design

Grace Yoo

Additional Special Effects

Michael McWethy

Thanks To

Savannah Mirabile

Jalysa Leva

Becky Wible Searles

Matthew Maloney

Gregg Azzopardi


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